The Buckskin Gulch Expedition 2008

Here is everything you will need to know to get ready for this trip.


On Friday the 25th Mike, Jer, and Michael will drive down to LA and crash at Dik's place.

That night provisions will be bought at a local food store.


On Saturday the 26th Mike, Jer, Michael, Ry Ry, Dik and IO will set course in two cars

to Utah at 7:00am. On the way we will pass through Las Vegas, and Zoin National Park.

It is one badass road trip. Around 5:00 pm we will eat dinner in Kanab, last vestige of civilization

we will see for three long days. at 6:15 pm we will park one car at the trail head of the Paria River

at White House, and drive the other one to the trail head of Wire Pass. We will set up camp and wait

for dawn. The next day brings adventure!!!


On Sunday the 27th the band will enter the longest slot canyon system known t man by way of

Wire Pass.


For the next three days we are off the map and our loved ones know nothing of our fate.


On Tuesday the 29th we emerge from the wilderness changed men. Que lord of the

Rings music. We will then send out a scout party to retrieve the vehicle left at Wire Pass

trail head. We will then hold a council of our next move. Do we camp another night in

near by National Parks or BLM areas, drive to Las Vegas and rent a cheap ass hotel room and

win a million dollars at the craps tables. Or do we call for a rescue heliocopter to retreive the

body of a lost comrade, and spend the night in the hospital grieving...